After weeks of researching animal facts, organizing information on graphic organizers and copying from sentence frames, my students had the chance to write a narrative of their choice today and, wow! Was it ever a hit! I made this simple, one-page book which allowed my students to write a story with a beginning, middle and end. They loved having the freedom to choose their own topic, and they wrote, and wrote and wrote… and then they illustrated their work.

We started the lesson with this book, by Abby Hanlon, called Ralph Tells a Story.(Amazon Affiliate link.)

Ralph is having trouble thinking of something to write about until an inchworm sparks his imagination. This book is a great way to engage reluctant writers, because it sends the message that you can really write about anything. (Don’t forget to check out the inside back cover with your students… it’s filled with some of the funny ideas Ralph has for stories.)

After reading the book, we brainstormed topics they could write about. These ranged from serious to silly, but we added all of their suggestions to the list!

After brainstorming, they returned to their seats to write their title and illustrate their front cover. Then, they began to write.

These books were so simple and such a hit! You can grab your copy of this writing template here.

Happy writing!