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Wall-Sized 120 Chart

This year, we are going to focus heavily on recognizing patterns on the 120 chart. I know this will pay off later in the year, when my kiddos will need to be able to find 10 more and 10 less, skip count, and add multiples of ten to a number. I am lucky enough to have a VERY large wall space where I posted a large 120 chart with numbers and words. (You can grab a copy of this chart here.)

120 Wall Chart

I purchased these laser pointers on Amazon to use with this chart. They were inexpensive, and seem to be working well so far. I like that they each have a different color light. This helps my students keep track of their own light beam if more than one of them is pointing at the same time. (Note: The pointers each need 2 AAA batteries.) We practice pointing as we count to 120. I pull a number card out of a pile and have the students identify the number and find it on the large chart. Then, we start from that number and count on. My students really love this (thanks to the laser pointers!) and I love that the chart is visible from anywhere in the room so that the students and I can reference it whenever we need.

120 Tile Boards

I also purchased a set of these 120 boards. (I color coded the tiles by putting different color dot stickers on the back so the students can easily place stray tiles with the correct set.) My students love working on this with partners during center time. They are really beginning to recognize the patterns of the tens and ones, and are completing the chart faster and faster each time! I can’t wait to incorporate these boards into our math centers throughout the year!

120 Jenga Challenge

I found some old Jenga games and wrote the numbers from 1-120 on the side. I put the blocks in a large basket for my students to build the 120 chart. I teach them how to work as a team to sort the blocks by the number in the ones place. Then, they stack the tiles to build the the 120 chart. I am excited to find more new and exciting ways to familiarize my students with the 120 chart! Jenga Classic Game